The Sweet Spot
If you could add ten years to your life—would you do it? Have better health and a stronger immune system? According to science we all can do this by simply… Being optimistic! Positive psychologists and biologists have been whittling away at a more profound and→ Read more
monks at laptop
Happiness is…being a monk!
The monks took a happiness test in my IBD class earlier in the week. Can you guess how they scored in contentment/overall happiness in their lives? It may not come as a surprise--nearly 75% of the class scored very happy while the remainder scored as→ Read more
Blue Skies
Blue Skies by Urgyen D. You ask me to describe a happy moment? It was when I was 24 years old and fresh from my journey from Tibet and living as a refugee in India. I was staying in a small room near the library→ Read more
Upper level students in my Anthropology class at the Dalai Lama's Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in McLeod Ganj.
The Good Life
Happiness…in the land of the Dalai Lama Living in the Himalayas, in the land of the Dalai Lama, it’s kind of hard to not notice that people are happy here. Whether walking down the streets, sitting in one of the numerous cafes, or just hanging→ Read more